Website management –  Editing/placement of existing content and graphics, Implementing or streamlining SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 
Lead Capture – To attract and convert through the usage of structured sales funnels. May consist of marketing emails through automation (i.e. drip marketing), landing pages, newsletters etc. 
Metrics – Tracking, Interpreting and analyzing data in order to set goals, identifying your CTR (click through rate), usage of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.
Social media management/Advertising –  Managing various social media platforms, implementing the use of hashtags, FB/IG advertising, and staying consistent with a set schedule or timeline. 
Copy Writing/Researching Content – Industry-specific content, brainstorming new ideas, slogans, and taglines. Providing content ideas for blog entries and other ad copy consistent with your brand.
Other Marketing Materials – Printables, infographics, and other graphics as needed. Creating digital content, presentations, ebooks, and webinars.
Please keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list of support, this is meant to give you an idea of what you can expect. For details contact Crowned here
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