Francesca Coronado

Francesca is passionate about new technologies and exploring how they function. She is a problem-solver first, working to find the best solution for Crowned's clients. From Analyzing workflows, streamlining with automation, understanding your data through metrics, and building out systems.

Her primary focus is on digitalization in the workplace, during the last twelve years in this industry, Francesca has experienced first hand how it can have a positive impact on operations and is always looking for new ways to streamline and innovate.

Kathleen Ashlock
Special Projects

As a consultant here at Crowned, Kate provides support by pulling together her knowledge from an extensive background in accounting/finance, communications, and administration. Her strengths include a multitude of systematic research, customer support, and a deep understanding of systems and technology and how they can improve workflows. Kate has made a great impact on our clientele and works diligently to provide the best support in all work performed. 


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