Providing ongoing support to help busy professionals streamline operations through digitalization in the workplace.

Specializing in Administration and Marketing, Crowned will collaborate with you to help you apply the latest technologies, create processes to help transform the way you work, and help you to develop strategies in order to achieve your goals. By working collaboratively with each client, Crowned is able to understand your organization’s objectives in order to help grow your business.

Administration is fundamental to any successful business and can often be the most time-consuming aspect. That’s where we come in, we will work with you to determine the best tools in order to digitalize your workplace and get your organization running smoothly. We can implement automation by establishing set procedures, provide ongoing support with Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), and much more. 

Marketing can be confusing to navigate for many organizations. With various social media platforms, website maintenance, lead capture, sponsored advertising, and the list goes on… how do you know what direction to go in? One of the old rules of advertising says that the average person needs to see an ad at least seven times before a decision is made. But how can you get your ads seen? Crowned will collaborate with you to find the best direction for your organization. We will help you to write copy that will speak to your target audience, create a plan of action specific to your brand, and show you how to interpret data. 

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