Crowned specializes in Operations Management

We will work with you to help your organization thrive by evaluating your most pressing needs and formulating a plan that will deliver concrete results.





Digital Transformation

Business productivity tools
We work with you to understand your most urgent business needs, finding data-driven solutions to implement and leverage applications that will work best for you and your team.

Process Transformation
Our team will collaborate with you to help build automated workflows, define goals, implement better processes, and utilize machine learning to reduce human error, improve productivity, & reduce costs.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Digital transformation leads to customer-centricity. We will work to build effective onboarding and improved customer support by leveraging new technologies, creating a standard practice, and adding value through better insights. 

Customer Success

Sales Strategies
We use data-driven techniques to create sales processes that will help you to drive customers through the sales funnel. This includes an extensive look into the customer journey and the pipeline.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems support
We work with you and your team by advising on best practices, maintaining consistent usage of appropriate applications, and providing support for items such as building custom dashboards, creating processes & workflows, and working with integrations.

Data Management
Proper data management can improve forecasting by providing real-time reporting on key funnel metrics. In addition, we will work to consistently help you manage data with other systems, such as project management or CRM tools.

Project Management

An Agile Approach
Planning and executing projects from start to finish. This involves developing a project plan that outlines the scope of work, timelines, deliverables, and resource requirements.  Identify project risks and develop mitigation strategies.

Communication & Stakeholder Management
We will keep communication channels open and transparent throughout the project lifecycle. This includes developing stakeholder engagement plans, setting up meetings, and providing progress reports to keep stakeholders informed and engaged.

Quality Assurance & Control
We will work with you to ensure that your projects meet quality standards and deliver value. This includes implementing quality control measures and conducting reviews throughout the project lifecycle. We can also help to identify and resolve quality issues and ensure that project outcomes meet stakeholder expectations.

Process-Driven Organizational Structuring

Establish procedures and protocols
We create procedural systems specific to your business. This includes rules, actionables, and standard operating procedures to help you achieve an automated and streamlined approach.

Launch products & services
We create a systematic plan of action for your products and services by researching, testing, and implementing high-level project management, pre-launch support, and goal-setting strategies.

Cloud Storage
We manage and operate your cloud storage to keep your data secure, provide file sharing, continuously update important information, and keep your files organized for easy access by you or your team.

Travel & Calendar Management
We manage you and your team’s travel by leveraging travel applications, providing booking processes, understanding and implementing company policies, and improving travel requests.

Expenses & Budgeting
Our team offers support by tracking expenses, managing budgets and reimbursements, abiding by company policies for approval requests, and working with new or existing expense management systems.

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Please keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list of support, this is meant to give you an idea of what you can expect. For details contact Crowned here