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Processes, procedures, strategies.  What do these three systems have in common, and why would I want to refer to them when running my business?

By implementing these types of systems, your productivity and organization will skyrocket!

Here is a good example:

What are the first things you need to know when starting your workday?

You need to know what is on the agenda and where you should start.

  • Do you have meetings or calls to make?
  • Does your team have project deadlines?
  • Is your inbox full of emails just waiting for you?
  • Do you know how or where to start?
  • What about the back-end?  Do you have procedures in place?

With the correct system in place, these questions can be easily answered. You will automatically know which projects take priority each day, how much time needs to be spent on each one, and how to handle each project. You won’t feel overwhelmed or stressed out when you look at your agenda. Instead, you will know just where to begin going through the work on your desk.  With that in mind, Crowned has come up with a system of processes that will streamline your workflow in order to increase productivity.

Are you ready to implement this simple system and gain valuable time each day?

  1. Determine your PROCESSES

What exactly is a process? A process determines what actions or steps you will take to reach a particular goal. Once these processes are in place, it is key for you to focus on always doing them the same way. Eventually, you’ll get used to them, and they will become a part of your routine, keeping you on track each day.

In this system the processes are simple.

    • Create a daily to-do list: I like to do this just before I dive into my day in case projects or tasks have changed.  Also, you might want to make a list of tasks that still need to be completed before you leave work the day before. For more information about staying motivated when starting your day, check out my 5 Tips To Get You Motivated.
    • Set a schedule: I create office hours and stick to them! It’s very important to set boundaries for yourself and your clients. I also like to include lunchtime and a break during the day because I can easily get consumed with my work.
    • Stay on task: Try not to stray from your to-do list. I understand things can change within minutes, but going back to your list will help you stay focused and on task.
  1.   Establish PROCEDURES

Once you’ve determined all of your processes, you may feel that you’re set and ready to go. However, in my experience, having the correct processes in place is still not quite enough. You need to establish procedures or a set of rules that will help you to navigate your way through each process.   This will set a standard for you and your team and ensure that your processes run seamlessly.

    • Legal Compliance: This is the most important procedure for your business or organization. You need to make sure that you’re complying with your State and Federal laws. This can pertain to taxes, contractors, employees, client terms, contracts and much more.
    • Have a policy in place: Whether your business is big or small, you will need to make sure you have existing policies in place when working with clients, employees, or contractors. These policies can be in regards to vacation/holiday time, how your business handles personal information, how you handle your payments/invoicing etc.
    • Onboarding: Do you know what to do the minute you gain a new client or customer? If not, then this is something you should implement right away. Having specific procedures in place when a new customer, client or employee comes on board is essential. You don’t want to wait until they get there to come up with a plan!

This can vary depending on your business needs. Ask yourself these questions:

    • What are your operational needs?
    • How do you interact with colleagues and clients?
    • Do you have a plan of action in place?

This is a simple plan that incorporates all of the essential items that are able to speed up your workflow and productivity, including such things as marketing, client work, and daily tasks.

As you have seen, you can streamline your workflow by making just a few important changes in your schedule. Before you know it, what once was a stressful daily routine can now be daily moments of satisfaction!