Welcome to spring, dear readers. We know that times are tough right now on so many levels, and we want you to know what we are right there with you. Thankfully, we’re experts in how to implement digital tools to streamline your business operations, and we know that many businesses need this now more than ever. Let’s dig into how Crowned can work with you.

Our Mission

Crowned is a boutique consulting agency that provides ongoing support to help busy professionals apply the latest technologies to streamline workflows, and create organizational structures to help transform the way you work. At Crowned we focus on helping clients streamline operations through digitalization in the workplace. What does that mean for you? It means that you work with us to be your problem solvers, and we work with you to deliver solutions that will help you reach your goals.

What can Crowned do for my business or organization? 

Crowned specializes in operations management. You might be wondering what tools and platforms are best for my organization? How do I even start using them… or training my people to use them? How do I know what ones will work for me and my team? How do I stay agile in this remote work environment? How do I stay productive working from home? How do I continue to grow in a recession? 

Thankfully, we at Crowned know these answers because we have decades of experience within our team of consultants. We can help you figure out what will work for your business or organization, and give you a clear plan of action on how to implement working strategies with concrete results. To us, each client is unique with individual needs. We’re able to see the forest for the trees to help you work at your best.

Is Crowned a virtual or executive assistant?

In a word, nope! VAs and EAs perform similar tasks and tend to work for you. They report to you and are typically a contractor or an employee of your organization. Virtual assistants are remote workers who provide clerical and other support services to businesses. Executive assistants are similar to secretaries or administrative assistants, and they often have duties that overlap with what a VA might do for you, but tend to be in-office rather than remote. They usually perform one-off clerical tasks, like accepting and making phone calls and emails, setting business meeting agendas, sending memos, and setting the executive’s daily schedule just to name a few of their broad duties. 

Bottom line: The Big Picture

At Crowned we are operations experts, collaborating with you to implement solutions that work best for your organization or team in the big picture. We can help you save time and reduce human error by analyzing and improving your existing workflows, providing support for training and onboarding, evaluating KPIs, and providing data-driven solutions. Crowned is passionate about designing customized solutions that work for you and your team.